[Bad Poetry #1] Patience

I’m not a poet…as the following and other scribblings like it will attest to. I don’t have patience for poetry. Yet sometimes I get inspired to do something different, something silly. With the exception of music lyrics and select poets, I am not totally averse…to verse. Serious poetry fans should stop now because I’m just takin’ the piss.


 “Oh, baby please. You’re just

over reactin’.”

Just cross my path again, chump,

& meet this pistol I’m packin’.

I’ve put up with your bull

mad above all else

for swallowing your ego &

poisoning myself.

If you call my house,

I will not talk.

& when I see you step off a curb,

my car will not stop.

i aint mad

©2015 Jayne Marlowe. Moonchild Press


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