[EXCERPT] Summer of Consent – Part 1: June

200x300 SOC 1Kindle

©2015 Moonchild Press

58 pages / 18,000 words

Genre(s): erotica,  interracial, first time, virgin, BBW, curvy, barely legal, BWWM, older man/younger woman

The following excerpt is rated “R”…if you want something stronger, you’ll have to buy the novella. 😉


Gloria turned off the TV, got up, and cleaned her dinner dishes before going upstairs. She really was tired, and a nice soothing bath might help. She ran her bath, not too cool, but not too hot because it was still warm outside, and added her favorite rose and honeysuckle-scented bubble bath. It was an eighteenth birthday gift from Michael and Robyn last November.

Her parents didn’t send a thing. Not like she expected them to.

Tension returned to her shoulders at the thought of her parents, so she quickly stripped, got into the silky waters of the tub, and soon relaxed. The fact that it was a Jacuzzi tub helped too.

She allowed herself to soak, and she eventually dozed off. The water was completely tepid and her skin was starting to prune when she got out. She dried off, wrapped up in her terrycloth robe, and went to her room.

Gloria’s room in Michael’s house was larger than the one she had growing up. At first, she didn’t want to do any decorating to it because she knew she’d be going to college soon. But Michael made her realize that she would have to come back during school holidays and his home was her home. So, Robyn helped Gloria decorate and pick things out to make her feel comfortable. The warm color of the walls contrasted with the crown molding, and if Gloria had to describe her style, she’d call it “in progress.”

She didn’t want to have magazine posters and cut-outs on her walls like she did at her parent’s house, so she and Robyn picked some nice posters and prints and had them framed. One of Gloria’s desires was to travel, so on the wall opposite her bed was a triptych of posters of the Eiffel Tower and surrounding area. When she woke up in the morning and when she went to sleep, the iconic vision of Paris was there.

It was barely 9:00, but she got into bed, not bothering to put on her gown. She picked up her iPod Touch and put her earbuds in her ears. Once she got all nestled in, Gloria took something from a small box she kept in her nightstand, tucked away in the back of the drawer and underneath the various crap she tossed in there without thinking.

A purple butterfly vibrator that was a birthday gift from Robyn.

“Your brother would kill me if he knew about this,” Robyn had said, “but you’re all grown up, and there ain’t nothing wrong with helping yourself…relax, if you know what I mean.”

Gloria had hid the vibrator in the nightstand, but left it alone. Often she thought about it being there and giving it a try, but she always chickened out. After the day she just had, being in close proximity of Nate Larsen, listening to his soothing voice all day, his buying her lunch… She could think of no better time to give it a whirl.

She opened the box. It still had gift wrap stuck onto it. She took the toy out and the instructions. Robyn had even bought batteries. For the first time, Gloria got a close look at the toy and realization washed over her face. This was something she had to wear?

Would it fit? She was plus size, after all, but after reading all the instructions, it fit just fine. She lay down and fit it around her waist and thighs. Soon, the little purple butterfly rested against her clitoris, surrounded by a nest of black, short and curly hair. Maybe she should shave first, but it was pretty comfortable. It tickled.

But she still couldn’t bring herself to turn it on. She stalled for at least ten minutes, shuffling tunes on her iPod until she figured she’d found the perfect playlist to go with what she was about to do. It was a mix of slow songs by some of her favorite vocalists: Kelis, Jill Scott, Usher, John Legend, and of course, Erykah Badu.

She hit PLAY on the iPod…and then turned on the vibrator by gently pushing up the slide control.

“Oh. My. GOD!”

Her body trembled and moved on its own. If she didn’t know better, she would’ve sworn her belly was full of butterflies similar to the one humming between her thighs.

“Oh! Ohh…” She moaned, as her spine melted into the mattress along with her limbs. Instinctively her hands cupped her breasts and she squeezed as if hanging on to them for dear life.

Time disappeared as she pushed the slide control up and down, testing the various speeds and how her body responded, at times leaving her breathless and thankful she still lay on her terrycloth robe, which acted like a towel and absorbed her arousal. She eventually discovered that the lowest setting was just enough to allow her to completely relax.

Gloria fell asleep with visions of the Eiffel Tower and she and Nate walking towards it, hand in hand.


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