Nothing turned Darryl on more than laundry fresh from the dryer. Opening the dryer door, the clean, fragrant steam hit him in the crotch like a warm, moist mouth.

Darryl hardened. Sticking his arm in, he felt around until he found what he wanted then returned to the bedroom to see her lying prone, asleep, and totally nude.

He draped the towel over her bottom and she sighed as he rubbed the towel over her rump and between her ass cheeks.

Slowly, Darryl pushed into her warm, fleshy, pillow-like ass. He fucked her hard, emptying his balls deep inside her. He pulled out, admiring the long thread of cum that came from her ass and to the tip of his cock.

Darryl wiped his cock on the towel and rolled over onto his back beside her.

“Darryl,” she murmured.


“…Don’t forget to put the other load into the dryer.”



©2015 Jayne Marlowe. Moonchild Press