[EXCERPT] Big Man on Campus

200x294_BMOCHere’s a teaser from my next release. It’s on sale now!

Cass Malloy is a thirty-something businesswoman visiting Dallas. She’s just closed a huge deal and wants to celebrate. While dining in the restaurant of an upscale Dallas hotel, Cass considers her options.

In the adjoining bar, Adam Pierce is a college student out on a Friday night with his frat brat buddies. When his friends dare him to approach a woman in the restaurant next door, he knows which one he wants.

A hook-up is imminent. Will Cass teach Adam a new trick or two, or will Adam show her that he is the big man on campus?




His fresh face enticed her. If there was anything to suggest he was an adult and not just a kid masquerading as one, it would be his eyes. They were big and brown but had a hint of tiredness from long hours of reading and studying resulting in slight darkness and puffiness under his eyes. But this detail, something women like her spent lots of money trying to camouflage, on him added a depth and sultriness to his smoky gaze.

His lips were inviting too. His lower lip had a fullness making it jut out ever so slightly from the upper lip, which mimicked the shape of a recurve bow, thin but shapely and expressive.

She knew she was staring but didn’t care, and if he did, he didn’t let on.

“Plus, you’re doing me a favor,” he said.


“You’re saving me from having to spend the night with a bunch of fraternity brothers. I can handle two or three at a time—but any more than that? Pass.” He drummed his fingers on the table and leveled a gaze on her. “Now it’s my turn to ask questions. What brings you here?”


“Really? What kind?”

“Real estate. My partner and I just closed on a deal.”

“Oh.” And for the first time since their meeting, he looked uncertain. “Do you mean ‘partner’ as in business partner or…” He let the rest trail off.

Cass’s mouth twisted up into a wry smile. “Business partner.”

“Where are you from?”

She took a sip of her drink. “Originally, I’m from DeSoto. But me and the family moved to San Antonio years ago. I do manage to come to Dallas quite often, though.” She looked him in the eye, giving him that “fathomless” gaze Matt said she had. “So, Adam Pierce…are you picking me up?”

Adam could have been playing poker, his face was so calm. It wasn’t until he nodded that he gave his intentions away.

“Out of all of the women in the restaurant, why me?”

“Because I’ve been watching you.”

She froze. She didn’t know whether to be flattered or unnerved. Yeah, she did. She tried to suppress a smile.

“Apart from being the sexiest, you are definitely the most intriguing woman here.”

Cass blinked. She didn’t consider herself a cougar because younger men never registered on her radar. Then again, she never paid them any attention. But this young man had honed in on her like a torpedo, and he would definitely be the youngest man she’d ever hooked up with—should it go that far. She swirled her drink in her glass and willed herself to slow down. Looking at her drink, she realized something.

“You need to eat. You and your pals have been in that bar for a while, but I doubt you’ve had anything substantial.”

Before he could say otherwise, Cass got the attention of a waitress.

“I’d like another Lemon Drop and an apple cobbler. My friend would like dinner and a drink, please.”

With a flourish and a beaming smile, the waitress gave Adam a menu.

“What do you recommend?” He opened the menu and began to scan it.

“Well…” Cass levelled her gaze on him. “I wouldn’t get the chicken.”

He looked up from under his hair and met her gaze.

“Nor…I should think…the lamb,” he said.


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