Sex Over Editing in Erotica Writing?

When you are an author, your book is your brand and your reputation. I

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I love to check out new erotica stories that people promote on Twitter. I get excited to see the words “check out my new book,” and a lot of times I’ll click on the link and look over the free preview to generate an opinion of the piece. Here’s what I’ve noticed: A lot of effort goes into the sex and little or no effort goes into editing that freshly published work. Why?

I get that writers want to capture the reader’s attention, but a lack of editing captures MY attention (any many others I’m sure) real quick and actually turns me off to reading the story. Now, I’m not talking about a left out comma or a forgotten quotation mark, I can forgive those; I’m talking about misspellings, fragment sentences, incorrect word usage, tense switching, pronoun agreement etc. These are major mistakes and seeing things like this in someone’s…

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5 thoughts on “Sex Over Editing in Erotica Writing?

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  1. I agree. One of my eBooks got a lot of flak because my sloppy editing. I decided that I would never let that happen again. It’s a classic example of “do unto others” – I hate badly edited books so why did I put one out?

    It was actually almost an accident. I decided to push the book as far as I could go. For some reason I thought Amazon would block me from publishing. Not so much!

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    1. I got the flop sweats years ago when I sent in the wrong draft of a work. Fortunately, I was able to get the correct, final, EDITED version in.

      I know for many authors getting an editor is an expense they can’t afford, but it’s something that *serious* authors need to factor into the production of their work.

      If you can’t get a professional editor, you should at least get a fresh pair of eyes who really knows grammar and punctuation and knows the difference among writing styles: academic vs. business. vs. creative, etc.

      But even that is too much to ask of some authors. Their ego gets in the way and every word and every sentence is pure gold.



      1. That’s because you are serious about your craft. I’m an editor by trade and can write a pretty clean draft, but I still have betas and my editor friends give my work a run through.


  2. Even running your manuscript through grammarly or one of the many other editing softwares out there can clear up the majority of the editing mistakes. I always get my husband to read it out loud to me, and I’ve had almost no problems since I started that process. It adds another 2-3 hours, but the final product is significantly better than the alternative.

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