When you are an author, your book is your brand and your reputation. I

The Blue Gel Pen

I love to check out new erotica stories that people promote on Twitter. I get excited to see the words “check out my new book,” and a lot of times I’ll click on the link and look over the free preview to generate an opinion of the piece. Here’s what I’ve noticed: A lot of effort goes into the sex and little or no effort goes into editing that freshly published work. Why?

I get that writers want to capture the reader’s attention, but a lack of editing captures MY attention (any many others I’m sure) real quick and actually turns me off to reading the story. Now, I’m not talking about a left out comma or a forgotten quotation mark, I can forgive those; I’m talking about misspellings, fragment sentences, incorrect word usage, tense switching, pronoun agreement etc. These are major mistakes and seeing things like this in someone’s…

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