About Jayne

What People Say About Jayne Marlowe:

“She’s my baby girl.”

–Her father

“She’s dead to me.”

–Her ex-boyfriend

“She’s working on her third strike.”

–Her parole officer


–Her husband

200X250 jayne_linesWho is Jayne Marlowe?

“Jayne Marlowe” is my nom de plume and the only false thing about me. I wanted a name that was mysterious, sexy, and evocative of a bygone era because I prefer the classic over the trendy. I also wanted a name that was easier to spell and pronounce than my real name.

I was born and raised a Southern girl and I love to read. I began writing at a young age because I wanted to read stories where a big, black girl like me was the romantic lead and not simply the ethnic comic sidekick.

I do have titles published under another name and I am a professional editor by trade, but “Jayne Marlowe” writes interracial erotica and erotic romance, noir, mystery, Southern Gothic, and look for some paranormal in the future.

I write about naughty people doing naughty things. Why? Because I have a dirty, naughty mind and a twisted (dark) sense of humor. I prefer to write about interracial/multi-cultural characters who are optimistically cynical and not afraid to go against the grain. The women are voluptuous and their men wouldn’t have them any other way.

I love writing, reading, music, animals, comic books, cartoons, retro things, vintage things, fried food, real cars made out of real steel, classy people, people with a sense of humor, women who take no shit and the men who love them.

Follow me on Twitter where I spends my “free” time being a hashtag warrior.



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