Sex and the Age of Consent

In my erotic trilogy Summer of Consent, Gloria is an eighteen-year-old high school graduate who ends up having a sexual relationship with her former teacher. I wrote the story because it’s a fantasy fulfilment. Who hasn’t had a mad crush on a schoolteacher at some point? I label Summer of Consent (aka SOC) as erotica... Continue Reading →


50 Shades of Shade – the #AskELJames “Fiasco”

Some of you may be following (or participating) in the Twitter feed for #AskELJames. I admit that I’ve posted a few questions—and you can see them if you follow me on Twitter (@JayneMarlowe)—but they were not nearly as snarky and downright vicious as some of the tweets. Why? Because there but for the grace of... Continue Reading →

Cunt, Pussy, Twat: What’s in a name?

The female reproductive organ (aka the vagina) has a lot of nicknames. Perhaps the most popular of these alternate names are “cunt”, “pussy”, and “twat.” Readers and writers of erotica and erotic romance tend to have their favorites with regard to the human vagina. This is my apology for all the cunts, pussies, and twats... Continue Reading →

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