I Like/ Love Dick

Where am I going to get my Dick fix now?


Silly Romantic Bitches

This is a follow up—if not a continuation of—my rant  Silly Women: Stupid Is as Stupid Does?,  so I may step on some toes. OK, here we go. I’ve been reading stories lately that, frankly, make me want to spew. Not because they are gory or are excessively violent, but because they are so syrupy... Continue Reading →

Lick My Brown Eye, Clean Reader

Recently, the UK newspaper The Guardian  published an article about the controversial Clean Reader app that sanitizes ebooks of profanity. You should read the article. It's quite interesting. The article says how this is the “brainchild” of a couple of parents in middle America (geographically and possibly demographically speaking) who were concerned about what their... Continue Reading →

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