Sweary as fuck

“Political correctness” means you can be polite as fuck.

Strong Language

A friend who attended one of the Grateful Dead’s Fare Thee Well concerts in late June came back with a fashion report. No, it wasn’t about tie-dyed peasant skirts or blinged-out Birkenstocks. It was about this T-shirt:


“Polite as fuck” tee from Buy Me Brunch.

Or maybe this one. (My friend didn’t pause in her revels to gather photographic evidence.)


Cursive does seem well suited to the message. T-shirt from Amazon.

The sassy oxymoron—civility meets vulgarity—is what tickled my friend (and me). I hadn’t seen anything like it–but then again, I hadn’t yet made an effort. As it happens, the “X as fuck” construction is highly commercial.

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Sex Over Editing in Erotica Writing?

When you are an author, your book is your brand and your reputation. I

The Blue Gel Pen

I love to check out new erotica stories that people promote on Twitter. I get excited to see the words “check out my new book,” and a lot of times I’ll click on the link and look over the free preview to generate an opinion of the piece. Here’s what I’ve noticed: A lot of effort goes into the sex and little or no effort goes into editing that freshly published work. Why?

I get that writers want to capture the reader’s attention, but a lack of editing captures MY attention (any many others I’m sure) real quick and actually turns me off to reading the story. Now, I’m not talking about a left out comma or a forgotten quotation mark, I can forgive those; I’m talking about misspellings, fragment sentences, incorrect word usage, tense switching, pronoun agreement etc. These are major mistakes and seeing things like this in someone’s…

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You Might Be Kinky If…

Here’s the Question of the Week. Read the comments to get the answer.

Raquel Graffen

One of my favorite comedians is a good ole’ Southern boy named Jeff Foxworthy, who is famous for his ‘you might be a redneck if…’ routines. But today my experience was a tad different. I visited the Family Planning clinic and had the pleasure of flustering the nurse so badly she could hardly talk. Come on folks, didn’t you always wonder if a butt plug reduces the effectiveness of a diaphragm?

Well, that was my uneventful day…how was yours?

Good Pussy

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What do Cliteracy and Erotic Fiction have in common?

Here’s something to get excited about. 🙂

Elizabeta Brooke

Cliteracy101I’ve just read the Huffington Post online project #CLITERACY . I have to admit, as I read the article, I was astonished to discover that the medical profession had deleted the clitoris from the main textbook Grey’s Anatomy in 1947, and that in other literature there was so little mention of what the clitoris actually did (while there was heaps of info out there on how the penis produces pleasure). In fact, it was only in 1998 that Australian urologist Helen O’Connell published findings that rocked the medical world. Through dissection, she’d mapped out the clitoris in its external AND internal entirety, demonstrating not only its immense size (it’s comparable with the penis), but its sizable stock of nerve-endings,  far more than in the penis.

I’m sure those findings surprised a lot of people. They surprised me, and, probably because I don’t have a penis, I’d assumed that because of all the hype around male orgasm, it had to…

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8 Ways to Recover From a Book Slump

So many books, so little time…the mind boggles and then melts from “Choice Overload.”

Eleventh Stack

I’m emerging – slowly – from that horrible affliction known to avid readers everywhere as …

The Book Slump.

You’ve probably been there, too, in some form or another.

It’s the reader’s version of an endless streak of gray, gloomy days in February. You have hundreds, if not (ahem) thousands of books on your “want-to-read” list, and yet nothing strikes your fancy. You may work in a library with a collection of five million items, yet you’re overwhelmed at the notion of choosing one book to read. Or, maybe you’re staring at an overflowing coffee table or nightstand with no less than your library’s maximum number of books that can be checked out and nothing is grabbing your attention.

Story of my life for the past few weeks and then some.

So, what can a reader do when The Book Slump strikes? Allow me to share some of my tried-and-true…

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OMFG! Sweary abbreviations FTFW

Sometimes you just gotta say, “OMFG. DILLIGAF?”

Strong Language

That’s Oh my fucking god and for the fucking win, for the uninitiated. Sweary acronyms and initialisms are a BFD (big fucking deal) on the internet. It’s hard to imagine everyday online discourse – especially on social media – without frequent encounters with, or use of, WTF (what the fuck), FFS (for fuck’s sake) and their semi-encoded ilk.

Concision is an obvious advantage: STFU and GTFO take far fewer keystrokes than the full phrases shut the fuck up and get the fuck out, saving the (ab)user time, effort, and – perhaps most importantly – the appearance of giving a shit. Sweary abbreviations also play a role in signalling group identity, expressing personal style, and so on, FYFI (for your fucking information). And they are extremely meme-friendly:

captain picard middle finger - stfu or gtfo

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