We're hours away from NaNoWriMo 2017! I'm live and ready to go, so if anyone wants to join me--look me up! I'm probably going to work on 2 short projects rather than one long manuscript, and the results of this writing frenzy will be released in early 2018. After they've been edited and proofed, of... Continue Reading →


Raining Purple Prose

I'm in a funny mood today. I recently read a review on a book where the reviewer said something along the lines of : “the prose was so purple that Harold’s crayon paled in comparison.” That comment made me do a spit take.  It also made me think about purple prose. I haven’t read anything... Continue Reading →

Cunt, Pussy, Twat: What’s in a name?

The female reproductive organ (aka the vagina) has a lot of nicknames. Perhaps the most popular of these alternate names are “cunt”, “pussy”, and “twat.” Readers and writers of erotica and erotic romance tend to have their favorites with regard to the human vagina. This is my apology for all the cunts, pussies, and twats... Continue Reading →

[EXCERPT] Summer of Consent – Part 1: June

Kindle ©2015 Moonchild Press 58 pages / 18,000 words Genre(s): erotica,  interracial, first time, virgin, BBW, curvy, barely legal, BWWM, older man/younger woman The following excerpt is rated "R"...if you want something stronger, you'll have to buy the novella. 😉   Gloria turned off the TV, got up, and cleaned her dinner dishes before going... Continue Reading →

Lick My Brown Eye, Clean Reader

Recently, the UK newspaper The Guardian  published an article about the controversial Clean Reader app that sanitizes ebooks of profanity. You should read the article. It's quite interesting. The article says how this is the “brainchild” of a couple of parents in middle America (geographically and possibly demographically speaking) who were concerned about what their... Continue Reading →

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