[EXCERPT] Big Man on Campus

Here's a teaser from my next release. It's on sale now! Cass Malloy is a thirty-something businesswoman visiting Dallas. She’s just closed a huge deal and wants to celebrate. While dining in the restaurant of an upscale Dallas hotel, Cass considers her options. In the adjoining bar, Adam Pierce is a college student out on... Continue Reading →


8 Ways to Recover From a Book Slump

So many books, so little time…the mind boggles and then melts from “Choice Overload.”

Eleventh Stack

I’m emerging – slowly – from that horrible affliction known to avid readers everywhere as …

The Book Slump.

You’ve probably been there, too, in some form or another.

It’s the reader’s version of an endless streak of gray, gloomy days in February. You have hundreds, if not (ahem) thousands of books on your “want-to-read” list, and yet nothing strikes your fancy. You may work in a library with a collection of five million items, yet you’re overwhelmed at the notion of choosing one book to read. Or, maybe you’re staring at an overflowing coffee table or nightstand with no less than your library’s maximum number of books that can be checked out and nothing is grabbing your attention.

Story of my life for the past few weeks and then some.

So, what can a reader do when The Book Slump strikes? Allow me to share some of my tried-and-true…

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OMFG! Sweary abbreviations FTFW

Sometimes you just gotta say, “OMFG. DILLIGAF?”

Strong Language

That’s Oh my fucking god and for the fucking win, for the uninitiated. Sweary acronyms and initialisms are a BFD (big fucking deal) on the internet. It’s hard to imagine everyday online discourse – especially on social media – without frequent encounters with, or use of, WTF (what the fuck), FFS (for fuck’s sake) and their semi-encoded ilk.

Concision is an obvious advantage: STFU and GTFO take far fewer keystrokes than the full phrases shut the fuck up and get the fuck out, saving the (ab)user time, effort, and – perhaps most importantly – the appearance of giving a shit. Sweary abbreviations also play a role in signalling group identity, expressing personal style, and so on, FYFI (for your fucking information). And they are extremely meme-friendly:

captain picard middle finger - stfu or gtfo

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The British Sing the Blues

I’ve always been fascinated by how many classic British rock bands and rock artists were inspired by American blues legends from the early twentieth century. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, just to name a few. While legendary blues artists like Lead Belly, Muddy Waters, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Robert Johnson never really fell... Continue Reading →

[Bad Poetry #2] Good Girl – a Rondeau

"Good Girl " a Rondeau or “Innocence Carrying The Urn of Propriety Safely Across the Abyss of Indiscretion”* Her innocence is a mask very believing. However, looks can be deceiving. Her charming smile, her voice seemingly innocent  conceals thoughts of erotic amusements that are explicit and worldly beyond conceiving. And no one knows about the... Continue Reading →

[EXCERPT] Summer of Consent – Part 1: June

Kindle ©2015 Moonchild Press 58 pages / 18,000 words Genre(s): erotica,  interracial, first time, virgin, BBW, curvy, barely legal, BWWM, older man/younger woman The following excerpt is rated "R"...if you want something stronger, you'll have to buy the novella. 😉   Gloria turned off the TV, got up, and cleaned her dinner dishes before going... Continue Reading →

Lick My Brown Eye, Clean Reader

Recently, the UK newspaper The Guardian  published an article about the controversial Clean Reader app that sanitizes ebooks of profanity. You should read the article. It's quite interesting. The article says how this is the “brainchild” of a couple of parents in middle America (geographically and possibly demographically speaking) who were concerned about what their... Continue Reading →

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